Books and Books and More Good Books

Busy month for Flowstone! For a small-time press, the publishing schedule can be erratic. This year we published Ken Letko’s Bright Darkness in late Jan./early Feb., and followed it up with Judith Arcana’s Announcements from the Planetarium in April. And it may seem like not much since then. But trust us, we’ve been busy! This … Continue reading

‘Woodwoo’ Now Available!

Left Fork is excited to announce the release of a fun children’s book by two award-winning artists.¬†Written by Michael Spring and illustrated by Deborah Ann Dawson, readers of Woodwoo¬†will enter the little-known world of a “little” (though still eight squirrels tall) sasquatch, and learn what makes him “woo.” This is the first children’s book for … Continue reading