Left Fork is a small press in Southwest Oregon, and our primary focus is books celebrating the people and culture here. If you’re a local author or your work focuses on this region, Left Fork might be a good fit. That said, we also seek to publish the best possible writing, particularly the highest quality poetry through our Flowstone imprint.  If that brings us strong authors and artists from elsewhere, we’re excited to meet you and share your work with the world,

Why Left Fork? For one, our international headquarters is presently situated overlooking the West Fork of the Illinois River in southwestern Oregon, and West is Left. Also, we are an unashamedly progressive press and do not shrink from people calling us Lefty. Finally, we think forks, whether in roads or rivers, provide opportunity for conscious choices. As a press, we are conscious of what and how we create, as well as what we leave behind. As one example of this mission, we utilize print-on-demand technology, to hopefully minimize the number of unwanted books in the world.