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Left Fork has published several books since opening shop in Fall 2014, with more forthcoming. Scroll down for more info on what’s out in the world already, or click here to see what is available from our new imprint Flowstone.

tcg_front_smTakilma Common Ground Anthology: Volume I * 1994-1997
November 2016
by Various Contributors

Takilma Common Ground was created in 1994 to increase communication and stimulate discussion in the community of Takilma, in Southwest Oregon. Volume 1 of the anthology collects the first 25 issues. These issues often feature responses to themes, in the form of articles, essays, letters, poetry, and pictures. Issues also include birth announcements, memorials, recipes, a kids page, essays on the history of the area, and information on events. There is no finer chronicle of life in Takilma, past and present, than the Takilma Common Ground. Published by Takilma Common Ground with the support of Left Fork.

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final_cover_front_6x9_smallUnfolding the Field
July 2016
by Michael Spring

Michael Spring’s fourth book of poetry. According to Absinthe Poetry Review, “Michael Spring is a poet with a rich inner life. Whoever he is in this world, he is also someone who works with the transformative energies of the imagination. His poetry is totemic, introspective, and written with a soulful music that comes predominantly from the natural world. His work invites us to look further than knowledge can reach.”

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Issue #2 of Cobra Lily: a review of southwest oregon literature and art
May 2016
by Various

Cobra Lily is a review of art and literature, focusing on the cultural and natural environs of Southwest Oregon. We seek to promote voices from this region, as well as voices outside the area which speak to the natural rhythms and experience of life here.

Issue Two features the work of the following artists (in order of appearance): Zvi Baranoff, Amy Pete
rson, Desmond Serratore, Iris Chinook, Pamela Haunschild, Kaci Elder, Susan Gustafson, Veronika Trishyna, Katie Chamberlain, David Newell, Waves Forest, Sydney Clinton, Paul Forristal, and Kelpie Wilson.

HFSE_front_cover_smallHere From Somewhere Else
December 2015
by Judith Arcana

According to Jennifer Richter, “Judith Arcana’s gorgeous new collection, has movement at its core. Many of these poems are fueled by questions—questions that generate a powerful urgency and contribute to the book’s compelling internal momentum.” The book received the 2015 Turtle Island Quarterly Editor’s Choice Chapbook Award.

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BicycleLotus_FINAL_small_JPGBicycle Lotus
December 2015
by Sara Backer

There are no observers in the food chain. Like it or not, we’re in nature and nature is in us. So, what do we do about that? In this hybrid collection of poetry and short essays presented as a chronological narrative, Sara Backer explores the choices we make to embrace and reject the wild world. This chapbook won the 2015 Turtle Island Poetry Award. According to Turtle Island editor Jared Smith, “This is what a chapbook should be all about—a precise and mind expanding voyage into a state of mind that could not be entered into through a longer work—and yet contains more than any work of similar size possibly could.”

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rory cover_final smaller
10-Year Old Creepy Kid Poems
December 2015
by Rory Forsythe-Elder

Kicking off our series of books by local kids, helping them know that they can be amazing published authors in their own right, this chapbook presents a series of humorous and haunting horror poems. According to poet Michael Spring, “Intelligence and imagination gather as the author braves and reveals Chaos. This book is thrilling and haunting, written with a sense of urgency and biting humor.”

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doodle cover front SMALLThe Doodle, Design, & Draw Book for Illinois Valley Kids of All Ages
December 2015

It’s Oregon’s Illinois Valley as only YOU know it! Discover something deep in the Oregon Caves. Design new playground equipment at Jubilee Park. Create your scarecrow entry for the Acorn Festival. Build the next treehouse at Out ‘N’ About. And how will you top your Taylor Dog?

You can do(oodle) all this and much more in this drawing book, designed exclusively for residents of the IV.

Here’s the Amazon. But probably better to pick up in Cave Junction, at Bagel Junction, the Visitor Center, or the Southern Oregon Guild of Artists and Artisans (because then you can start doodling immediately).

P4Plants, Poetry, Polemics & PlayP4 front cover FINAL small
November 2015
by K. Elder

Published in partnership with Radical Roots Press (possibly the premiere in a plethora of partnerings), this collection contains a cornucopia of K. Elder’s complex and often unclassifiable compositions.

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July 2015
by Michael Spring  /  Watercolors by Deborah Ann Dawson

This special book includes selected works from award-winning poet Michael Spring which correspond with the watercolor paintings of Deborah Ann Dawson.

Available at most booksellers around Southern Oregon and also available from (And very soon we hope to offer readers the ability to purchase signed copies through the website here.)

The Poem Said
The Poem Said
July 2015
by David Newell

They say brevity is the soul of wit. To be sure, David Newell’s first poetry collection includes plenty of each: brevity, soul, and wit. ‘The Poem Said’ presents nuggets of wit and wisdom from the professional wood carver and artist. As a bonus, the collection also features several visual images of the author’s many unique wood carvings.

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Cobra Lily Annual Cover smallCobra Lily: a review of southwest oregon literature and art
May 2015

Cobra Lily is a review of art and literature, focusing on the cultural and natural environs of Southwest Oregon. We seek to promote voices from this region, as well as voices outside the area which speak to the natural rhythms and experience of life here. Why Cobra Lily? The carnivorous pitcher plant exists most abundantly in Southwest Oregon. This native plant has distinctively adapted to thrive in our region. We draw inspiration from this plant because we dare to be as unique, publishing the diverse writers and artists of Southwest Oregon’s extraordinary landscape and culture.

Issue One features the work of the following artists (in order of appearance): Gary Lark, Pepper Trail, Melissa Matthewson, Patty Wixon, Scott T. Starbuck, ‘Buckwheat Bob’ Harrison, John Noland, Rhonda Lynn, Lilyana Rain, Kindi Fahrnkopf, Kay Elaine Ekwall, Dave Dunbar, Kelly Waldin, Anita Savio, Rich Norman, David Lorenz Winston, Dallion McGregor, Summer Wolf, Juliette Wolf, Isaac Wolf, David Newell, Susan Gustafson, Angela Graves, Annette McGee Rasch, Michael Spring, Savanna G. S., Alan Laurie, Sara Backer, Scott Simpson, Rory Forsythe-Elder, Deborah Ann Dawson, Kathryn Velho, and Kailen Forsythe-Elder.

Available at the Southern Oregon Guild and other places around the Illinois Valley and southern Oregon. Also available from

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GOLDILOCKS and the Three BARs (Beyond Available Resources)Goldilocks and the Three BARs (Beyond Available Resources) November 2014
by Ryan Forsythe  /  illustrated by Rory Forsythe-Elder
34 pages; black and white 6.14″ x 9.21″; ISBN  978-0692330609; $6

In this updated version of the story of the Three Bears, Goldilocks comes to Josephine County, Oregon. But will anyone help when the Three Bears call their local Sheriff to report Goldilocks’ acts of robbery, vandalism, and trespassing?

The book is available in Cave Junction, Oregon from both Bagel Junction and the newly opened Pine Cone Books. You can also order from (both print and Kindle versions).

The Little Veal Cutlet That Couldn't

The Little Veal Cutlet That Couldn’t October 2014
by Ryan Forsythe  /  illustrated by Cassie Hart
28 pages; full color 7″ x 9″; ISBN  978-0692311813; $8

When cow Betsy meets her fate at the slaughterhouse, her son lives on—at least until he ends up dinner at a posh country club. The book has the appearance of a children’s book, told in rhyme and complete with illustrations by artist Cassie Hart. But parents should not be fooled—the book deals with some serious issues, including the treatment of cows in the production of milk and veal. Check out Mike Mannix’s review in Humboldt County’s free alt-weekly, The North Coast Journal.

This updated edition is available at Pine Cone Books in Cave Junction, Oregon, and online from