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Shadows Within the Roaring ForkShadows final cover_sm
November 2017
by Jared Smith

According to Joseph Hutchison, Colorado Poet Laureate, “Shadows Within the Roaring Fork extends the range and enriches the substance of Jared Smith’s visionary poetry. While many American poets register their personal psychic stresses by embracing fragmentation, discontinuity, and easy ironies, Smith’s approach is coherent, wide-ranging, unabashedly direct, and fiercely humane.”

The book is available now from Amazon.com.


GhostLogic frontcover FINAL_smGhost Logic
October 2017
by Sara Clancy

According to Joan Colby, author of The Seven Heavenly Virtues, “Ghost Logic showcases Sara Clancy’s distinctive poetry. These are poems that reflect an unerring vision in an unmistakable voice. As in Prayer Wheel: ‘an estuary where logic meets optimism’ … ‘in sheer, cussed determination.’ or in At Home with the Dead: ‘…our old debate that yesterday is not gone and matters.’ Clancy’s language is both complex and accessible: a feast for mind and ear.”

Ghost Logic received the 2017 Turtle Island Quarterly Editor’s Choice Chapbook Award and is available now from Amazon.com.


LifesPrisoners front cover_sm

Life’s Prisoners
October 2017
by Darryl Lorenzo Wellington

Life’s Prisoners won the 2017 Turtle Island Poetry Award. According to poet, essayist, and collagist Uche Nduka, “This splendid poet’s concerns are aesthetically laid bare here— politics, love, philosophy, autobiography, homage. His commitment to his art manifests in chiseled language, brilliant imagery, varied forms, questions, affirmations, heartfelt rebellion.”

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LayingBy cover smLaying By
October 2017
by Vincent Wixon

According to Juan Felipe Herrera, United States Poet Laureate, “Vince Wixon paints America’s Midwest and Pacific Northwest ‘weightless.’ We go with the poems’ airy, unobtrusive hand and eye—at times we slip in between the realm of ghosts and souls, mother in a coffin, father’s life near its end—juxtaposed with the kitchen table lit up in brilliance. Time and desire, the personal private and the open and infinite are sketched here with a magnificent seeing—a keen wisdom balanced between landscape, family, childhood and the always-oscillating present. Laying By is magnetic, a rare tenderness and a collection of scenes, portraits, and life-roads to be cherished—Bravo!”

The book is available now from Amazon.com. Learn more about the book here.


Announcements from the Planetarium
April 2017
by Judith Arcana

Announcements from the Planetarium examines aging, changing, moving, memory, and more. The collection includes poems from Arcana’s Mixtape Series and her Speculative Music Theory quartet. As Judith Vollmer writes, “Judith Arcana’s poems [are] both familiar and refreshingly strange …. jagged elegies on ‘time available’ and ‘the short version,’ dazzling crows, lonely streets, and mournful seers, with a hyper-realist eye on the past.”

The book is available now from Amazon.com. Learn more about the book and the author, and read a poem from the collection here.

brightdarkness_final_smBright Darkness
February 2017
by Ken Letko

“Why have I spent so much of my life trying to be like an ant, nine times stronger than a human?” asks poet Ken Letko, in his full-length debut, Bright Darkness. That’s easy. Because, by striving with such strength, Ken’s given the world his unique, big-hearted worldview distilled between the covers of a book. — Rebecca Lawton, author of Steelies and Other Endangered Species

Available now from Amazon.com.  Learn more about the book and author Ken Letko here.

The Wire Fence Holding Back the World

December 2016
by Martin Willitts Jr.
Winner, 2016 Turtle Island Quarterly Editor’s Choice Chapbook Award

“These tightly coiled lyric poems are born of the earth, and of the interface between observation, intellect, faith, and logic. They are of childhood and old age, of butterflies and songbirds and turtles, and of the mountains and grasses…all those things that are ignited and illumined by the sun… This is a profound book of hope and belief in those things that are bigger than we know of” – Jared Smith

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ted_jean_cover_final_smDesultory Sonnets
November 2016
by Ted Jean
Winner, 2016 Turtle Island Poetry Award

“Ted Jean is the kind of poet who pulls off the road in his truck to write a poem about the universe. With its faint echoes of Snyder and Ammons, the world of these sonnets is at once immediate and distant, thick with ‘corporeality’ and light with the long view. If the void is never far away, its antechamber is such, as in ‘Deep Weed Theory,’ that the ‘transit,’ as he calls living, is one from ‘heaven to Heaven.’  These poems extend not just the language but our sense of what it is to be.” – Roger Mitchell, author of Lemon Peeled the Moment Before

Available now from Amazon.com.

River of Solace  river-of-solace-front-cover-small
November 2016
by Gary Lark
Winner, 2016 Turtle Island Quarterly Editor’s Choice Chapbook Award

“In River of Solace, time twists up through the lives in these pages like a deep, dark root. The spells Lark casts are immediate and lasting, and the echoes of these poems will haunt you. This geographic and emotional terrain matters in all the ways that count.” – Michael McGriff, author of Home Burial and Dismantling the Hills

Available now from Amazon.com.