Publisher Ryan designs Left Fork books—let him design yours! Yes, Ryan likes everything books. Designing covers. Figuring out a font. Placing page numbers. If you don’t like some of that stuff, why not let Ryan give it a go. Scroll down to see samples of his cover design work. Consider purchasing a book or checking one out from the library to get a better sense of interior design work. [And please note: work Ryan does for hire is not publication with Left Fork–that’s something else, of course! This is just him trying to find more ways to make a living. Or something like that.]

Here’s what some others Ryan has worked with have to say:

“Ryan Forsythe is the consummate book formatter. His broad and seasoned technical and design expertise notwithstanding, he is the dream of a writer who wants to publish his own book and not have it look self-published. Because he is also a writer, Ryan brings additional skills as a copyeditor and proofreader with eagle’s eyes for detail down to the last piece of punctuation. If you want to publish a book, Ryan, a pro’s pro, is your go-to guy.”   –Howard Sann, Owner of Birdye’s Books & Publisher of Paul Sann’s Kill the Dutchman!

“Ryan Forsythe is the best publisher, designer, and all-around expert I have worked with in thirty years of publishing. Ryan works conscientiously and ably and is unfailingly helpful and courteous in every aspect of preparing the book one has in mind. He is to be recommended without reservation.” -Harold Jaffe, author of 24 books and Editor-in-Chief, Fiction International

To contact Ryan about helping you with your own (non-Left Fork) project, email editor @

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