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‘Woodwoo’ Now Available!

Left Fork is excited to announce the release of a fun children’s book by two award-winning artists. Written by Michael Spring and illustrated by Deborah Ann Dawson, readers of Woodwoo will enter the little-known world of a “little” (though still eight squirrels tall) sasquatch, and learn what makes him “woo.” This is the first children’s book for … Continue reading

More Announcements

More announcements as in more Announcements from the Planetarium, that is! Judith Arcana has several readings coming soon for this recent Flowstone Press collection. You can expect serious fun whenever Judith reads, and bonus: she’ll be joined by many other talented poets along the way. Click here to learn more about the collection and also … Continue reading

Announcing… Announcements

What a way to celebrate National Poetry Month, as well as the birthday (and death day) of the Bard himself (that’s Mr. William Shakespeare for those maybe not in the know)!  Yes, Flowstone Press, an imprint of Left Fork Books, is pleased to announce our next book, available today: a collection from the irrepressible Judith Arcana. … Continue reading

Announcing Flowstone

Yes, exciting news… Left Fork has its first and still only imprint! Flowstone Press will feature poetry collections personally selected and edited by Michael Spring, an award-winning poet in his own right. Michael’s taste lean toward the lyrical, psychological, environmental, cultural, and imagistic. Flowstone is currently closed to unsolicited manuscripts, but we have a full … Continue reading

Congratulations, Sara Backer and Judith Arcana!

Exciting news! This year this humble upstart of a press was selected by Turtle Island Quarterly to publish the winners of their chapbook contests, Sara Backer’s collection Bicycle Lotus, winner of the Turtle Island Poetry Award, and Judith Arcana’s Here From Somewhere Else, winner of the Editor’s Choice Chapbook Award. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been working with … Continue reading