Michael Spring’s “Ravenwood” now available!

It’s funny. With the use of print-on-demand technology through CreateSpace.com, we have to “publish” before we can order a box of books. Meaning that if you order Michael Spring’s latest book of poetry, you might actually see it before the publisher! Okay, sure, I’ve seen it on my laptop. And I’ve seen a proof copy, though we made numerous changes to that. But instead of ordering yet another proof, we just clicked the publish button. So it’s out in the world now. You can get it from Amazon and I think if you select the 1-day shipping today, it should show up to you before the box of books shows up to me. Anyhoo…

This is a gorgeous book. Unlike most poetry books that just come with those words on pages, this one pairs the poems with the amazing watercolors of Deborah Ann Dawson. The result is a full color book–watercolors illustrating poems, poems inspiring paintings–and vice versa!

See below for the cover, but if you’d like a “preview,” click here [opens a PDF],to see how the poetry and paintings intersect (though be sure you have the “2-page view” allowing you to see the image on one side and the poem on the other).



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